50 years on and still going strong.

Our History

Soundair Hifi was founded in 1969 and originally specialised in car audio and air conditioning. But as home hi-fi became more sophisticated and accessible, Soundair began to move in a different direction.

Fast forward to the 8th of August 1983 – Soundair was bought by a young man with a passion for music and big sound. Ever since, Brad has been the driving force behind Soundair HiFi being at the forefront of the home audio industry for decades, and continues to use his passion and knowledge to help his clients achieve their sound goals.

In 1986, we launched the concept of the domestic surround-sound system. Soundair HiFi was the first store nationally to introduce surround-sound for the home and in the early 1990s, we began specialising in home theatre.

Soundair HiFi is home to unique technology, created by our industry famous technicians. In 2007, the late Tim Rigg created the Sub-Filter, which changed the way we approach big sound forever. Thanks to his clever design, the multi-subwoofer home theatre system went from boomy and loud, to tight, high-impact and detailed sound.

Soundair HiFi’s company policy has always been to give every client the best sound within their budget. Our clients are our first loyalty, rather than placing our priority on brands. We tailor systems to suit the individual ear, house, room and budget, blending brands as needed – this means every system is unique, because every client is unique. The success of this philosophy is reflected by the incredible loyalty of our clients. We are proud of the relationships we’ve built over the decades, sometimes spanning across generations.

Soundair HiFi has a depth of knowledge and experience that is unparalelled in the industry. After more than thirty years of designing and installing stereo and home theatre systems in existing homes, commercial theatres and off the plan for some of Melbourne’s finest homes, we can offer knowledge and experience that is second to none.